Here are a list of quotes.


Coach Carter: Those boys, they are so bad and undisciplined.

Coach Carter: Starting today, you will play like winners, act like winners, and most importantly, you will be winners. If you listen and learn, you will win basketball games. And gentlemen, winning right here is the key to winning out there. This contract states that you will maintain a 2.3 gradepoint average. You will attend all of your classes. And you will sit on the front row of those classes.

Worm: That's some country-ass nigga.
Junior: Shush.
Coach Carter: Excuse me? Did you say something sir?
Timo: Worm was just wondering, are some country church nigga with a tie on and all that?
Worm: Right.
Timo: Is that what you want to say, right?
Coach Carter: What is your name sir?
Timo: I'm Timo Cruz, sir.
Coach Carter: Well Mr Cruz, and Mr Worm, what you should both know is that we treat ourselves with respect. We don't use the word "nigga".
Timo: Are you some preacher man of some shit? 'Cos god ain't gonna do you good in this neighborhood sir.
Coach Carter: I live in this neighborhood sir. (Puts his left hand on his chest and smiles)
Timo: Sir, can you believe this uppity negro? Sir?
(Students laugh)
Coach Carter: Okay Mr Cruz, leave the gym. Right now.
Timo: For what?
Coach Carter: (Getting more serious) I'll ask you one last time to leave the gym, or I'll help you leave.
Timo: (Really confused) Before you what?? Do you even know who I am?
Coach Carter: (Sternly) From what I can see, a very confused and scared young man.
Timo: (Starting to get argumentative) Scared of who, scared of you? I'm supposed to be scared of you? (Speaks slightly slower but still in an argumentative voice) Nigger, I ain't scared of nobody, and I'll lay your ass out!
Coach Carter: I don't think so.
(Other students look at each other in seriousness and confusion)
(High angle shot facing down at Timo with Coach Carter on right side.)
Timo: (Shrugs and looks away from Coach Carter) Why?
(Walks off but then immediately comes back to Coach Carter to punch in the face, only to have the punch blocked and then subsequently Coach Carter pushes Tim onto the wall.)
Timo: What are you doing? Get off me! (struck on the wall) Gah!
(Deep dark sort of music)
Timo: Teachers ain't supposed to touch students!
Coach Carter: I'm not a teacher; I'm the new basketball coach.
(Students look at each other in confusion)
(Timo harshly released from wall. Timo walks off in frustration. Looks back at Coach Carter in fury.)
(Deep dark sort of music adds in high violins and quiet thumps of timpani. Fast hand-held shot moving from angry Timo to medium shot of serious Coach Carter)
(Coach Carter walks down and picks up more contracts)
Coach Carter: Is anybody else not filling this contract?
Student with beanie at left back: (Student with Richmond singlet shoves his paper to the student with beanie at left back) Where are you going?
(Student with Richmond singlet walks off in unsatisfaction)
Student with beanie at right back: (Steps forward to Coach Carter) I don't do school contracts. You tell us when you need the real ballers. (Walks off to the right in front of camera)
Coach Carter: I'll do that sir.
Junior: There goes our two leading scorers from last season man.
Coach Carter: Then we'll have new leading scorers this season huh.
(Disappointed look at Junior. Continued dark music.)
Coach Carter: Now I can't teach you the game of basketball until your conditioning is at a level that allows me to do so. Gentlemen, (Open gesture pointing to baseline) report to the baseline.
(Pause. Coach Carter walks a bit somewhere around the court.)
Coach Carter: (Making a "this is obvious" sort of gesture and tone of voice) To the baseline!
(Some quiet commentry of Coach Carter)

Mr. Gesseck: Don't forget that this project is due at the end of this week! So if any of you need extra time...

Coach Carter: Yes sir? Are you Mr Gesseck?
Mr. Gesseck: Yes.
Coach Carter: Well I err... Don't see Junior Battle in his class.
Mr. Gesseck: Well Junior Battles is like a solar eclipse. We rarely see him but when we do, it is always special.
(Students laugh)
Coach Carter: Thank you. (Walks off)

(Coach Carter walks in)

Junior: (Reading) Richmond center has been big as the Oilers are... Boyed?
Coach Carter: Buoyed! The word is buoyed.
Junior: Buoyed by Junior Battles 19 point rebound in 9 numbers.
Worm: Ha ha! So that is my big nigga right there son! 'Ey! If you were anything, you'd be my bigga nigga. Ha ha ha!
(Handshake-type-high-fives Junior)
Coach Carter: Sit down. Sit down!
(Every student stops and looks at Coach Carter, then all sit down.)
Coach Carter: "Nigga" is a derogatory term used to insult our ancestors. (Cut to students staring at him, particularly Junior looking at him) So if a white man were to use it, you'd be ready to fight. (Cuts to disappointed Damian) Your using it teaches him to use it. (Cuts to disappointedly angry Coach Carter) And you are saying it is cool. Well it's not cool! And when you are around me, I don't wanna hear that shit. We clear?
Worm: Yes sir.
Junior: Yes sir.
Jason: Yes sir.
Timo: Yes sir.
Kenyon: Yes sir.
Coach Carter: Mr Worm, what is it that you want out of this basketball team?
Worm: To win that state championship sir! Ha ha ha!
(Handshake-type-high-fives Jason)
Coach Carter: (Cut to serious Coach Carter with face forward and on left of camera) Now who won the state basketball championship last season Lyle?
Jason: (Laughs a bit) Hell if I know sir.
Coach Carter: (Cut to Coach Carter's serious face) Uh huh. Does anybody know?
(Blank expressions and shrugging shoulders of students)
Coach Carter: Okay. What does your father do for a living Mr Lyle?
Jason: (Looks around thinking and confused. Then talks in a disappointed tone.) My father's in jail sir.
Coach Carter: (Quietly) Oh. Well I am sorry to hear that sir. (Picks up his voice again) But that does not have to be your life sir. (Cut to disappointed Jason) Now my point's this - I have four seniors on this team: Junior, Kenyon, Lyle and Worm. All of whom can play basketball at the college level. (Junior looks at Coach Carter thinking blankly) College. That's a viable option for all of you. (Back to Coach Carter talking) But you have to perform well in the classroom to have that chance. You have to have a vision. Tell me, how do you see yourselves.
Junior: Cha ha ha! (Tosses basketball into the air and catches it) ESPN baby!
Coach Carter: That reminds me Mr Battle. Mr Gesseck tells me he hasn't seen you in his classroom very often.
Junior: (Scratches his head) Yeh, Mr Gesseck is a big basketball fan.
Coach Carter: Mmm hmm. Well as of now you are suspended. (Cut to Junior looking at Coach Carter) Well you can still practise but you can't play until Mr Gessseck tells me that you have caught up in his class.
(Junior looks at his left)
Coach Carter: And that's a shout-out to the rest of you. You've signed a contract, you've made a commitment. Now have your schedules and I'll get your reports from your teachers. (Cut to Timo Cruz looking unimpressed) If you don't perform in the classroom, you will, not, play!
Junior: (Junior immediately stands up) Well what's up with that?
Coach Carter: (Getting annoyed) Sit down Mr Battle.
(No response from Junior)
Coach Carter: All right. That's 500 pushups.
(Junior immediately throws his basketball out of his hand in frustration. Basketball crashes somewhere in the gym.)
Junior: That's bullshit! (Angry tone and trying-to-be-dominant gestures) We won those games, not you!
Coach Carter: (Looks at Clyde to his right) And that's 1000 pushups for Mr Battle, Clyde. (Looks back at Junior) You wanna go for 2000?
(Timo stares up at Jason, Jason shakes his head.)
(Junior continues looking at Coach Carter in an angry look, then looks off and just walks towards the exit of the gym. Coach Carter looks at him in a "huh-you-wanna-do-this-eh?" sort of look. Damian looks at Junior too.)
Coach Carter: Young man, think about the choice you make if you walk out that door.
(Junior just adjusts his standing position briefly then walks out as if he ignored Coach Carter's message. Everyone watches him leave.)
Coach Carter: To the baseline! (Whistles)

(Car zooming-beep-type sound effect)
Coach Carter: You are not going to like what happens in practice on Monday. You think you've run for me before? I come to your rooms to celebrate with you, and you sneak...
Coach Carter: I end up taking a road trip to the suburbs, where I find my drunk-ass point guard on top of Daddy's little princess!
Worm: Actually, I was on the bottom, coach. She was on the top.
Coach Carter: Worm, do you wanna be on this team? Because you're about six words from getting kicked off and kicked off the goddamn bus! Cruz, open your eyes! Ghetto hoop stars! Signing autographs and humping the honeys! Well, I'm gonna show you what humping is.
Timo: Coach, we won the tournament We undefeated. Isn't that what you wanted? Winners?
(Dramatic theme plays. Worm covers his face with his cap. Junior half-closes his eyes in disappointment. Cut to Kenyon just blankly staring at Coach Carter. Timo blankly stares at Coach Carter then continues to sleep in the bus. Coach Carter stops staring and rolls his eyes to look downwards in disappointment.)
(Cut to Coach Carter walking to his office with the trophy as well. Disappointed type music plays, with timpani playing too. Anticipated minor key piano in moderately fast pace plays. Cellos of bad future event plays. Coach Carter opens a student's reports. Fearful sort of sudden crescendos and diminuendos of stringed instruments start playing. Coach Carter starts reading all his student reports. Coach Carter gets all disappointed face with quiet gasp. Sits back at his office chair. Reads another student report.)
Coach Carter: Oh no. (Flips paper) Oh no no. (Flips paper again) Oh... (Throws papers in frustration) NO!!
Coach Carter: (kicks a stool in frustration) God! (Takes off his glasses, holds himself against the door and puts his head downwards.)
(Cut to the student basketball team being congratulated by other students. The team walks towards the gym.)
(Some basketball team students talking to each other)
Junior: What's up Cruz?
Timo: I don't know, he's giving us a day off I guess. (Pans and turns to a sign that says "Practice is cancelled. Report to the library.")
Lyle: I don't even know what the library is even at.
Damian: The library is at?
(Kenyon picks up the chain and lock then puts it down, knowing it is locked.)
Junior: The library is at? I don't even know whether it's over or not.
(More chatting. School bell rings, the students sit at library desks and put their schoolbags beside them. Their teachers stare at them.)
Coach Carter: Quiet! (still students chatting) Quiet! Gentlemen, in this hand I hold contracts signed by me and signed by you. In this hand, I hold academic progress reports prepared by your teachers.
Coach Carter: (Moving camera leftwards the students) We have six players failing at least one class. Eight players getting incompletes based on attendance. Gentlemen, (Cut to Coach Carter's face) you have failed to uphold... (breathes audibly) No, I'm sorry. We have failed. We have failed each other. There are some of you who have upheld this contract, but know that we are a team. And until we all meet the terms of the contract, the gym will remain locked.
Student: Locked?
Rest of the team students: What? What do you mean locked? You mean for the day? You messed me for the day...
Coach Carter: Mr Thompson, Mr Gessick and Ms Sherman generously volunteered their time to reach our goals.
Kenyon: But coach, I have a 3.3!
Coach Carter: That's good sir. Did you score all the points for the team too?
(Kenyon looks back and just looks at the other students)
Coach Carter: We are the Richmond Oilers. Do you know what "Oilers" stands for?

Coach Carter: Let's take our time to say whatever it is we want while the doors are closed. You have the floor. This is about us.

Junior: Man, this shit ain't about us; it's all about Coach Carter!
Lyle: (Camera pans quickly to Jason Lyle) We're the basketball team. All I see is you on TV, getting famous. Eating that shit up.
Coach Carter: That all you see?
Worm: That's all I see.
Lyle: And you ain't lying.
Coach Carter: Let me tell you what I see - I see a system that's designed for you to fail. Now I know you all like stats or I’ll give you some. Richmond High only graduates 50% of its students. And of those who do graduate, only 6% go to college. Which tells me that when I walk down these halls and look into your classrooms, maybe only one student is going to go to college. “Well damn, Coach Carter, if I am not going to college, where am I go, go, go?” Now that’s a great question. And the answer for young African-American men in here is this: probably to prison. In this county, 33% of black males between 18 and 24 get arrested. So look at the guy on your left. Now look at the guy on your right. One of you is going to get arrested. Growing up here in Richmond, you’re 80% more likely to go to prison than college. Those are the numbers. Those are some stats for your ass. Now I want you to go home and look at your lives tonight. Look at your parents’ lives. And ask yourself “do I want better”. If the answer is yes, I’ll see you here tomorrow. And I promise you, I will do everything in my power to get you to college and to a better life.

Coach Carter: You really need to consider the message that you're sending these boys. It's the same message that we as a coach, uh, have sent to our pro athletes. Which is, that they're above the law. Now I'm trying to teach these boys the discipline that would inform their lives and give them choices. If you endorse the fact that 15-, 16- and 17-year-olds don't have to endorse the simple rules of a contract, how long do you think will it be before they are out there breaking laws! Now I played basketball at Richmond High 30 years ago. It was the same thing there. Some of my team mates ended up in prison. Some of them ended up dead. I took this job because I wanted to affect change in a special group of young men and THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I KNOW HOW TO DO THAT! If you vote to end the lockout, you won't have to terminate me. (Pauses) I'll quit.

(Everyone in the audience claps)
(Kenyon and Worm look at each other in confusion)

(Some good-job sort of handshake-type-high-five with some students. Some students simply packing up, no behavioral issues or argumenting.)
Coach Carter: (Talking without anger) Oh well, it's not your storybook ending huh?